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2 Reasons You Should Invest In Professional Drain Cleaning

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Most people have been there. You are trying to wash the dishes or brush your teeth, when suddenly you realize that the sink is filling up with dirty water instead of draining away. After checking the drain for obstructions, you realize that the problem lies deeper inside the pipe. Although you might be tempted to try to clear the clog on your own, here are two reasons you should invest in professional drain cleaning:

1: DIY Repairs Can Damage Your System

After watching a few online videos, you might feel ready to head to the store to buy a few plumbing supplies. However, unless you moonlight as a professional plumber, your home repairs might cause more harm than good. Here are a few DIY repairs that might damage your system:

  • Drain Cleaner: Those chemicals might promise to dissolve clogs in a hurry, but unfortunately, they can also soften PVC pipe and damage older metal plumbing. Unfortunately, drain cleaner can also end up suspended in standing water, creating a caustic environment for any professional you call in.
  • Homemade Augers: Keep your wire hangers in the closet. Bending wires and shoving them through your plumbing can create scratches that can catch hairs and grime in the future. With enough force, homemade augers can even cause pipe fractures or gaps in joinery.

To ward off problems, contact a professional if you detect a lingering drain clog. After inspecting the clog, they will gently clean out the inside of the pipe with a line auger.

2: Professionals Can Find the Cause of the Problem

In addition to removing existing clogs, plumbers might also be able to detect what caused the problem in the first place—so that you can avoid problems in the future. For example, your plumber might notice that your basement drain is clogged with hard water sediment coming out of your hot water heater. Since plumbers work with water, clogs, and potential problems everyday, they might be able to make suggestions to keep problems at bay. For example, plumbers might recommend a water softener to prevent future deposits, or drain your hot water heater to remove sediment that could end up in your drains. Professionals can also look for bad homeowner accidents that can cause problems, like not using hair traps or leaving small toys or hair bands around drains. 

By hiring a professional to unclog your drains, you might be able to prevent future problems.  For more information, contact a local plumber today.