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Four Industries That Utilize Hydrovac Services

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If you are thinking about running your own hydrovac excavation business, you will be glad to know how many different types of industries you will be able to serve. Here are four such industries that utilize hydrovac services.

Oil and Gas

Hydro excavation has been used in the Canadian oil and gas industry for the past 50 years. By using hydro excavation machines, underground utilities and pipelines were uncovered with a process known as "daylighting." The process was first used in Alberta and has since become a normal part of the oil and gas industry all throughout Canada. Hydro excavation is especially advantageous as it is a safe and effective way to expose the large number of pipelines used in this industry.


Hydrovac trucks can be used to install new water lines along with maintaining the lines and doing emergency repairs. Since some plumbing situations involve sucking large volumes of water in order to discover the root of the problem, hydro excavation works well for this industry due to its rapid vacuum ability. With hydrovac equipment being used for large plumbing jobs, it eliminates the need for a large crew working several hours to solve plumbing problems.


While it's true that the construction industry uses traditional excavating tools and machines such as backhoes and above-ground excavators, there is still a need for hydrovac services. This is especially true for remote access areas and when excavation is needed to be done inside buildings on the construction site. Oftentimes these construction sites have a large number of cables, pipes, and lines located underground. By using hydro excavation, finding them can be done safely and without accidentally damaging them.


While digging by hand has been the method primarily used in this industry, it's not only slow but it is also extremely dangerous for the person doing the digging. Thanks to the safety hydro excavation provides, many utility companies are utilizing these types of services when it comes to excavating pole holes. Using hydro excavation reduces the instances of damaging lines, along with a reduced number of damaged fiber optics or gas pipelines.

In all of these industries, there are several advantages to hydrovac excavation. Besides safety, some of these advantages include:

  • Prevents damage to infrastructure
  • Excavated materials are dry and clean
  • Very effective in hard-to-access areas
  • Less chance of accidental damage thereby lowering liability

Thanks to all of the industries that utilize hydrovac services and the advantages this type of excavation offers, there is a good chance your hydrovac business will be in demand.