Avoiding Plumbing Problems

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Answering A Couple Of Common Questions About Plumbing Problems

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The plumbing system is one of the more complicated and important components of the house. Sadly, problems with this system can have dire consequences for the rest of the house, but there are many homeowners that may not have a solid understanding about this part of their house. By learning the answers to the following couple of questions, you will likely find yourself in a better position to protect your home from routine plumbing issues.

Do You Have To Use Commercial Products To Clean Your Drains And Pipes?

Over the course of time, the home's pipes and drains can become extremely dirty due to scum, mildews and decaying organic matter. These issues can cause your pipes to both be more likely to develop a serious clog as well as develop a foul odor. While there are commercial cleaning products you can purchase, these substances can be harsh enough to cause serious damage to the pipes.

Fortunately, you can avoid this risk by utilizing baking soda to clean your pipes and drains at least once every few months. When using this cleaning option, you will want to sprinkle a healthy amount of baking soda over the drains and into the pipes. After doing this, you will need to pour white vinegar down the drains because the fizzing caused by these substances can loosen the materials stuck to the interior of the pipes. Once this has been allowed to stay in the pipes for an hour or more, you should flush it with extremely hot water to remove the baking soda, vinegar and any remaining grime.

What Can Be Done For A Clogged Washing Machine Connection?

The washing machine can put a tremendous amount of stress on your plumbing system. In addition to the substantial amounts of water that will be needed by this device, there is also lint, paper, change and other items that can drain out of a washing machine. Eventually, these items can lead to a serious clog forming in the laundry drain. When this happens, you will need to have the clog removed with a drain snake because over-the-counter clog removers can damage the seals in this pipe, which can cause serious flooding issues. Preventing this problem in the future will require the installation of a drain filter for the washing machine. While these filters will need to be changed at least once a year, they can greatly reduce the chances of your laundry drain becoming clogged.

Preventing plumbing problems can cause serious damages and major disruptions for a homeowner. However, appreciating the benefits of cleaning the pipes with baking soda and vinegar as well as knowing how to address clogged laundry drains will help you to keep your home safe from these disruptive issues.

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