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Troubleshooting A Constantly Running Air Conditioner

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Air conditioners provide a great service to your home—indeed, some areas of the world would be almost inhospitable without a properly functioning air conditioning unit. However, like all major appliances, air conditioners are susceptible to a variety of technical problems. One of the most common problems associated with air conditioning units is an inability to shut off.

A constantly running air conditioner can greatly increase your energy bills, as well as cause damage to the unit itself. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can check out to troubleshoot the cause of the problem, and you can contact a professional to have the unit fixed as soon as possible.

Improper Sizing

One of the most common issues associated with an air conditioner that never seems to shut off is that it is too small for the space that it is trying to cool. While a contractor can actually figure out whether the unit is big enough based off of the BTUs of your unit, you can determine if your air conditioner is powerful enough for your living space based off of your comfort levels. If you find yourself feeling warm even when your air conditioner has been running for some time, it is probably too weak and should be replaced by a larger and more efficient unit.

Maintenance Issues

Another common issue associated with an air conditioner that is constantly running is a lack of maintenance on your unit. Clogged air filters and dirt in the condenser can cause your unit to become much less efficient, thus having to work harder and longer to produce the same amount of cold air output. Open up your unit, using the owner's manual as a guide for your model's specifications, and check it out, cleaning out dirt and dust as needed. However, if the air filter and condenser are both clean, the issue may lie with your refrigerant levels, which you'll need to contact a professional to take a look at and fix.

Thermostat Issues

The last common reason for a constantly running air conditioner is if there is an issue with the thermostat controlling the unit. This can occur for a variety of different reasons, from physical damage to simple age. In order to check the health of your thermostat, you should hang a thermometer next to it. After an hour or so, the readings on both the thermostat and thermometer should be nearly identical. If they are not, you should contact a HVAC professional to replace your thermostat.

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