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Ruptured Pipes In Summer? Three Reasons Why This Can Happen

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Most people understand that extreme cold can cause the water in their pipes to freeze, thereby rupturing the pipes. The mess and the plumbing repair services needed to correct this kind of damage is extensive (and often expensive!). Yet, you rarely hear about pipes rupturing in summer. It does happen, and here is why:

The Pipes Are REALLY Old

Pipes are not meant to last forever. If your home or building is really old, and the pipes are nearly as old as the structure itself, the pipes will eventually weaken and burst. Inspection and replacement of these pipes will prevent future ruptures, but if you are already contending with a rupture, you will have to replace and update the pipes now.

The Pipes Are Rusted Through

Metal pipes are rarely used anymore because plastic and PVC pipes reduce the amount of rust and debris inside the pipes and in the water. However, if you have any metal pipes left in your home or commercial building, be sure to check them often. They can, and will, begin to deteriorate via rust, and finally just give way.

There Is Extremely High Pressure in the Pipes

Extremely high pressure can build up in your plumbing when there is a blockage in the line and pressurized water systems are trying to force water through it. The pressure will continue to grow until one of two things happen; the pipe ruptures or the blockage is broken up and forced onward. This problem is similar to a blood clot in the body. Blood pressure finally breaks the clot into smaller bits and forces it onward, or the vessel ruptures into an embolism or an aneurysm. The difference here is, the plumbing is more easily fixed than a dangerous medical condition.

Additionally, having a boiler for heating purposes can increase the likelihood of having a pipe rupture from a blockage. This is why it is so important to call a plumber right away when you notice a problem with your water coming from the tap or with the effectiveness and pressure readings on your boiler. The plumber can locate the blockage in the pipes and remove it safely so that your pipes do not rupture. It is better to catch this problem in the hotter months than have your pipes explode in winter and end up going without heat. Regular maintenance services by a plumber will help, too.

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