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Fixing A Lack Of Hot Water Supply In Your Apartment Building

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If you own an apartment building, then you may be used to dealing with a wide range of complaints. If your most recent complaint involves the lack of hot water, then you want to work with a plumber who can complete a commercial water heater repair. Keep reading to find out what may happen when a lack of hot water is a concern.

Dip Tube Replacements

Water heaters for commercial use in apartment buildings are typically made up of a series of residential water heaters that are connected parallel to one another. This is ideal to ensure ample hot water if all residents decide to run dishwashers or take showers at the same time. And, this also means that a reduction in the hot water supply may not be noticed right away. So, several of the tanks may be experiencing repair issues. 

One of the most common issues occurs when the dip tube breaks off inside the unit. This happens as the tank ages and the tube deteriorates. This piece of hardware helps to keep cool water flowing to the bottom of the tank where it can be heated and then pulled out of the tank when there is a call for hot water. If the tube breaks though, then cold water can mix with the warm water, leaving tenants with lukewarm water at best.

Since all tanks in the series of heaters are likely the same age, your plumbing professional will need to inspect all dip tubes and replace all the broken ones. And, if only one tube is broken, then a further investigation must be completed to see if there is an additional issue.

Failed Element

The heating element inside the water heater can stop working. And, if one element in one tank has failed, then your tenants will likely experience cold water issues only when water is pulled from the specific tank. In this case, you may hear reports of intermittent issues with cold or lukewarm water. The issue is most likely when there is a high demand for hot water, like in the mornings before individuals go to work.

Your plumber will inspect the heating elements for each individual water heater and the element can be replaced. If the unit is older, then it may be wise to replace the entire unit. In some cases, you may want to try shutting off access to the water heater to see if the other parallel tanks can handle the hot water load. This will allow you to schedule a repair at a later date if there is a need for this.

Still finding you have issues with your hot water? Try contacting a commercial hot water repair service.