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3 Residential Plumbing Tips On How To Identify Worn Out Pipes

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It is essential to inspect your plumbing pipes regularly, especially if you live in an older home. Failure to do so, and plumbing problems might lead to costly damages. But, if you discover these issues early enough and get professional help, you will cut on costs and protect the integrity of your pipes.

One of the problems that affect pipes is wearing out over time. As a homeowner, you need to tell if pipes are worn out to respond on time. Here are some residential plumbing tips on how to identify worn-out pipes.

1. Leakage

A leak is a sure sign that your pipe is worn out. However, it might be challenging to know if you have leakage because most pipes are under the floor or behind walls. Fortunately, you can look out for several warning signs, such as the presence of mold. Mold thrives in damp environments, and thus if you notice mold in your bathroom, ceiling, under the sinks, or anywhere else, you may need to call a residential plumbing contractor.

Low water pressure is also a sign of leakage. Water is usually released from the main tank at high pressure, but when it leaks to other places via cracks on a pipe, it will get to your faucets at low pressure. Sediments can get into the pipe through the cracks, and once they accumulate, they will restrict water movement, reducing the pressure.

If you notice any of these signs, you should call a residential plumber to find the lead and repair the pipe.

2. Rusty Water

If your water is discolored, has a metallic odor, or tastes different, your pipes may be corroded. Another sign of corrosion is when water becomes hard. This is especially common if you have galvanized steel, cast iron, or copper pipes. Worn out pipes allow oxygen into the tubing through cracks. A combination of water and extended exposure to oxygen will cause the tubes to rust, affecting the water flowing through them. 

3. Pipe Corrosion

Even if your water is not yet affected but your pipes have started to rust, you should get professional help. If the water in your region has a high acidity content, it can corrode your pipes. Therefore, always check your pipes for any corrosion sign.

Worn out pipes can cause major plumbing problems, but plumbing contractors can help repair or replace them. If you notice any of these signs, hire plumbing contractors to inspect and fix the problem.