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Boiler And Radiator Maintenance Tips

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A boiler and radiator system can be a highly efficient way of keeping your home warm. However, if you are a relatively new homeowner, you may not have the experience necessary to know what a boiler and radiator system will require to keep it well-maintained and functioning.

Have The Boiler And Radiators Cleaned

One of the most important things that you can do is to keep the boiler and radiators clean. A surprising amount of debris and mineral accumulations can gather in the system over the years. When these materials are not removed, they can impede the flow of water through the system and may act to insulate it, which can lower the efficiency of the system. In addition to professional cleanings every few years, you should also make it a point to thoroughly clean around the exterior of the boiler every couple of months during the winter. this will remove any dirt and dust that may be accumulating on it as these materials can prevent air from reaching the burner by clogging the side vents.

Install A Water Softener

Mineral accumulations in the pipes of your boil and radiator system can be a major problem. While it is possible to remove these materials by using additives that will dissolve them. This can be a time-consuming task as it can take these additives several hours to work, and the system may not be usable until this time has passed. You can help to prevent these deposits from forming by installing a water softener. While a water softener will remove many of the excess minerals from the water, they can not remove all of them. Therefore, it may still be necessary to have the system cleaned in the future, but this should not be for many years.

Hire A Professional To Inspect The System On An Annual Basis

Each year, you will want to hire a professional to inspect the boiler and radiator for signs of corrosion and mechanical problems. Without these inspections, minor areas of rust may be allowed to worsen until holes and ruptures form in the system. Also, failing to maintain the mechanical parts of the boiler can cause it to experience significant damages that can cause major malfunctions. Ideally, you will want to service the boiler at the start of each winter so that repairs can be made prior to the arrival of the coldest temperatures. Typically, these inspection and service visits will only take a couple of hours, but they can save you dramatic costs when it comes to repairs.

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