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4 Signs That Your Drains Need To Be Professionally Cleaned

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Keeping an eye on your plumbing system is crucial for proper performance long-term. If any signs of problems are missed, it could result in serious damage and the need for costly repairs. Many major plumbing problems start with a clogged drain or pipe, so it's important to know when you should have your system professionally cleaned. Here are four signs that may be telling you the time to schedule a professional cleaning is now:

You're Using Commercial Cleaners Often

If you have been using commercial cleaners multiple times each month that it seems normal to do so at this point, chances are good that you have a serious clog in your plumbing system somewhere that isn't getting any better and is likely just getting worse. In fact, those drain cleaners you have been using are likely toxic and can actually damage your pipes over time. So, throw those commercial drain cleaners away and have a professional take care of your problem once and for all.

You Hear Some Gurgling Sounds

Gurgling sounds that come from the drains throughout your house is another sign that your drains and pipes need to be cleaned by a professional. The sounds may happen to a drain a few seconds after it's been used, or you may notice the drain in your bathtub gurgling after using the bathroom sink. Any gurgling sounds you hear could be the sign of a damaged pipe or serious clog and your plumbing system should be inspected by a professional at your earliest convenience so the problem doesn't escalate.

Water Pressure and Flow Seems to Change

If your plumbing system has a serious clog, it can make water flow sporadic which you may notice when using the sinks, showers, and washer in your home. At times the water pressure might feel normal, while the next day it seems significantly reduced. Or you may even notice a fluctuation in water pressure while washing dishes or brushing your teeth. If water pressure and flow seem to change around your house, consider scheduling a professional inspection and cleaning.

Flushing the Toilet Tends to Result in Backups

Backups in your sinks or bathtub drains that occur when you flush the toilet are a telltale sign that your drains and pipes need to be professionally cleaned. This happens when a large amount of water coming from your toilet can't be drained properly or quick enough, so it ends up backing up into other pipes and into your sinks and bathtubs. A professional cleaning will clear those clogs so you don't have to worry about those nasty backups anymore. If you are struggling with plumbing problems, visit websites such as http://www.goldsealplumbing.com.