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4 Signs Your Toilet Is In Need Of Repair

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Most people don't think about the toilets in their home very often, but they are used multiple times on a daily basis. Having a toilet that works properly is essential, so it is important to know the signs that there may be a problem. In many cases, common toilet problems can be repaired, but in some instances it may be necessary to replace the toilet. Continue reading to learn more about common toilet problems that need repair:

Frequent Clogs

Depending on what is flushed down the toilet or how much toilet paper is used, it is not uncommon for a toilet to become clogged from time to time. However, frequent clogs that needed to be plunged or cause the toilet to overflow are often a sign that there is something wrong with the toilet itself. Regular clogs may occur when the mechanisms that make the toilet flush wear out and no longer function properly. Another cause of this problem may be a clog or blockage in your toilet's pipes. Contact a plumber to have the issue diagnosed and repaired.

Toilet Bowl or Tank Does Not Refill with Water After Flushing

When your toilet bowl or tank stops filling with water after you flush, it is typically because the fill valve has malfunctioned. In most cases, replacing the fill valve will rectify the problem. However, selecting the right fill valve and replacing the old one with a new one can be complicated, so it is in your best interest to hire a plumber to make this type of repair.

Standing Water Around Toilet Base

If you notice puddles of water located around the base of your toilet, you have a leak. This happens when the seal around the toilet wears out and is no longer watertight. Luckily, swapping out the old seal with a new seal typically solves the problem. An experienced plumber will be able to replace the toilet seal for you in order to eliminate the leak.

Toilet Runs All of the Time

It can be very annoying to hear a toilet running constantly, and a running toilet also wastes a lot of water. When your toilet continues to run after flushing or randomly runs throughout the day and night, it is because the flapper valve is no longer working right. Replacing a flapper valve is not very complicated, so you can buy a new flapper valve at a home improvement store and then replace it yourself. 

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