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Upgrade Your Bathroom by Adding a Relaxing Rain Shower Head

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If you're planning to upgrade your bathroom and shower, one thing you might want to consider is installing a rain shower, which is a head that mounts on the ceiling instead of the wall. This can be done whether you're removing the old shower head and tiles or not. Here's a look at why you may want this shower upgrade and how it is installed.

The Benefits of a Rain Shower

A rain shower can mount flush with the ceiling so the water sprays straight down, or you can buy one on a swivel that allows you to direct the spray. One advantage to this type of shower head over one that mounts on the wall is that it supplies water evenly no matter how tall you are. A rain shower is perfect for both smaller children and taller adults. A rain shower gives you a consistent, gentle rinse so you can rinse away soap and shampoo without having to contort your body. While a rain shower can be used alone, you can also leave your old shower head in place so you can have the benefit of two streams of water.

The Process of Installing a Shower Head on the Ceiling

Installing a rain shower is more difficult than installing a head that's mounted to the wall, because the plumbing pipes in the shower run vertically. There are probably no pipes that run across the top of the ceiling. The plumber will probably work from your attic to position a new pipe in place. The new pipe will be connected to a vertical pipe and then strapped down so it won't vibrate and make noise. The pipe is then routed from the vertical pipe to the opening in the ceiling so it can connect to the shower head.

This work will entail cutting open the ceiling and then making repairs after the shower is installed. While the process sounds difficult, it's all in a day's work for a plumbing service. While it is easy enough for a plumber, it probably isn't a job you should tackle yourself. You may need a permit from your city, and local codes may require that all plumbing work is done by a licensed plumber. Besides, you wouldn't want to risk making a poor connection that slowly drips and causes water damage behind the wall that you aren't aware of.

A rain shower head is a nice addition to your upgraded bathroom, especially if you're tall and tired of bending down to get clean and wash your hair. The rain shower will add a little luxury to your bath for a small amount of disruption and effort. Contact plumbing services in your area for more information.