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Four Signs You Need To Replace A Toilet

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Your toilet is the fixture within your bathroom that sees the largest amount of use each and every day. Over time, this constant use can cause your toilet to begin to break down and degrade, which can open your bathroom up to a number of potential issues, including water damage and expensive repairs. Understanding what some of the more common signs of a worn out toilet are can help you figure out when you should call for residential plumbing services to replace your current model with a new unit.


One of the most common signs that you need to consider replacing your toilet is if you can spot cracks anywhere on the porcelain base or the tank. Any sort of cracking points to the general age of your toilet, and is usually the first warning sign before an actual leak can appear and cause damage and disruption within your bathroom.


In a similar vein to the above point, any presence of water on the ground around your toilet also means that you likely need to replace it. You can check to see if the water is leaking out from the bowl or tank by placing food coloring within the toilet's water: if the water outside of your toilet doesn't change colors, it's likely that it is simply the product of condensation or another water source within your bathroom, which won't require you to replace your toilet.

Scratching and Marring

Another sign that your toilet is on its last legs is if you find that it is constantly becoming discolored. This is caused by scratches on the porcelain itself, creating a rough surface that will hold onto waste that passes through the toilet, leading to staining. This is not quite a structural issue, as it will not lead to damage within your bathroom, but it is a significant aesthetic downside and it also indicates that your entire toilet is quite old, and likely to suffer from other structural or mechanical problems as a result.

Constant Repairs

Finally, the last reason to consider getting a new toilet is if you find yourself constantly replacing individual parts within the tank. While replacing the flush valve or the seal are not in and of themselves difficult or expensive tasks, they can add up quickly, representing a significant time and money investment. Replacing a toilet that is constantly requiring attention can allow you to reduce your overall maintenance commitment in your bathroom.