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Is The Air In Your Home Stale And Damp? You Could Have A Plumbing Emergency

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If your home suddenly develops an unbearable musty odor or a damp feeling in the air, you could have a broken plumbing pipe on your hands. The moisture from a broken plumbing pipe can make the air in your home feel stale and unhealthy. A broken pipe may also trigger other unsavory issues in your house, including structural damage. You can solve your emergency problem with the information listed below.

Track Down the Source of the Leak

Plumbing fixtures, such as water lines and drainage pipes, can leak if they crack. Most broken pipes occur behind the main structures in your home, including your walls. Some leaks occur beneath a home's flooring or inside its basement or crawl space. Although it may be impossible for you to see the broken pipe in your house, you may be able to hear it.

You want to listen out for the noises below:

  • ticking
  • dripping
  • seeping
  • swooshing

If you have trouble hearing any of the sounds above, make your house as quiet as you can. To do so, turn off your televisions, radios, and any other appliance that could potentially make it difficult to hear. If you can, place one of your ears close to the surfaces of your walls and flooring. 

If you do detect strange water sounds in your home, schedule an appointment with a local emergency plumber.

Receive Emergency Help

An emergency plumbing company may use a variety of methods to detect the leaky pipe in your house. A plumber may test the water pressure in your bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures. The flow of water can slow down in broken or damaged pipes. 

A contractor may also search your home for signs of moisture. Water can seep to the surface of structures when pipes break. For example, the carpet in your living room may feel wet if a pipe burst in that area. Water droplets may also show on the surfaces of your ceiling or run down your drywall. The water from these places can evaporate into the air and make it feel damp or smell stale. 

If a plumber suspects a leak in your sewer line, they may run a camera down the line to see if it cracked or collapsed near your home. Sewer lines can be especially problematic when they break, so it's critical that a plumber address this issue as soon as they notice it. 

After an emergency contractor determines where and how your plumbing pipe broke, they'll take care of it for you.

If your home suddenly feels unhealthy, stale, or damp, contact an emergency plumber immediately. For more information, visit sites like https://www.windycityrooter.com/.