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Do You Have A Septic Emergency?

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A septic system serves as an efficient way to deal with household waste that is not connected to city water or sewer lines. If your home is equipped with a septic tank system, then you are responsible for identifying issues and contacting a professional as quickly as possible to have them repaired to ensure your service is not interrupted. Keep reading to learn of a few signs that indicate you have a septic emergency on your hands.


If you notice foul odors coming from the sink or bathtub drains or the toilets, then the problem is probably coming from the septic tank. This may indicate that the septic tank is full, with wastewater backing up into the lines. Therefore, as soon as you begin to smell foul odors, it is important to contact a septic professional to perform pumping before a backup occurs inside the home.

Flooded Drainfield

You should occasionally perform visual inspections of the ground around the septic tank. In the event that an issue occurs in this area, which is known as the drain field, the first sign you are likely to notice is flooding. The lawn over the tank and surrounding area will become soggy and wet. Due to the fact that wastewater can be incredibly hazardous to your health, you should contact a professional sooner rather than later.

Sounding Alarm

If you have a modern septic tank system, it may be equipped with an alarm that will sound when there is an issue with the system. The alarm may sound when there is an obstruction somewhere within the septic lines or with the tank itself. When the alarm sounds, you will contact the septic system company, who will send a technician out to your home to identify the issue and remedy the situation.

Compromised Well Water

If the system is overflowing beneath the ground, there is a good chance that the wastewater will contaminate your well water. If it does, you may notice an odd color or smell to your tap water. If this happens, you will want to talk to a professional about having your water tested to ensure that it is safe to consume. In addition, you will want to have your septic tank inspected thoroughly by a professional. The aforementioned are just a few of the signs that indicate a septic system emergency. 

To learn more about septic emergencies, reach out to septic tank services near you.