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Leaking Kitchen Sink: Can You Find And Fix The Cause Of It?

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If puddles of water form beneath or around your kitchen sink cabinet every time you wash dishes, you could have some type of problem with your plumbing. Sink pipes can leak for a number of reasons, including loose connections and holes. If you don't find and fix the source behind the leak today, it could be worse for you tomorrow. Do the following things to find and fix the cause of your leaking kitchen sink.

Inspect the Sink's PVC Pipes and Compression Fittings

The first thing you want to check beneath your kitchen sink is the PVC pipe. If you have more than one pipe beneath your sink, you want to check each one individually. You want to examine the compression fittings on each pipe for problems.

Compression fittings connect pipes together that don't require welding or soldering. The fittings require rings to stay in place. If the rings loosen up around the compression fittings, water can pour out of the pipe. Check to see if the rings are tight and secure around the fittings. If the rings are loose, tighten them by hand.

If the rings are secure, you'll need to check the parts hidden beneath your sink bowl for issues.

Check Under the Sink Bowl

The parts beneath the sink bowl include a variety of parts including strainers, slip nuts, drainage baskets, and flat washers. Any of these tiny parts have the potential to leak small amounts of water if they loosen up, corrode, or break. You can try to locate and repair the damage piece under your sink individually, or you can contact a plumbing company

A plumber will most likely use a flashlight to inspect the parts beneath your kitchen sink bowl. A contractor may physically test each piece to see if it's connected to the bowl and pipe properly. If the pieces are disconnected, a plumber can tighten them for you.

If a plumber may also need to replace parts under your sink. Some parts corrode when exposed to moisture. Corroded parts can break under pressure. If something breaks under your sink bowl, it could allow clean and dirty water to flood into your kitchen. Water can damage your kitchen tile as well as cause mold in your home.

There may be a few other repairs or things a plumber may need to do to stop the leak under your kitchen sink. A plumber will go into further details about the repairs after they inspect your sink.

You can find and fix the leak under your kitchen sink by contacting a plumbing company today.