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Plumbing Considerations For Your Home Build

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If you are building your dream home, you know that you will need to work with many different contractors. One of those contractors will be a plumbing construction service. Generally, you will meet with the plumbing contractor early in the build process, since much of the early installation and design work for your plumbing must occur at the same time as the foundation and wall construction. The following are the aspects you will need to work out with the plumber.


You will need to decide what type of piping to use in your home. Most new builds use PVC or PEX piping, a type of plastic, due to its durability and corrosion resistance. Copper and galvanized pipes are also an option that can last a long time, but they aren't used as often in new homes. On top of choosing pipe material, you will also be looking at specific piping needs. For example, if you want a pot spigot near the stove or a floor sink for bathing your dog, your plumber will need to know when they are planning the pipe layout within your home.

Main Lines

Your contractor will need to be present during the early stages of planning in part to locate the best places to install the main sewer line and the main water supply line. These must connect your home to the municipal water and sewage grid, so the layout of these is dependent on both the design of your home and the location of the main hookups. Often, a code inspector will need to approve the location of these before the foundation is poured, since the main lines are often installed in conjunction with the foundation.

Safety Valves

Every plumbing system requires shutoff valves for safety. Local code usually dictates that there is a main valve for the entire home, along with individual valves in high water usage areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. You may also want additional valves installed. For example, it's common to install an outdoor valve if you are installing a sprinkler system, or you may want a valve installed in a shop or garage. Let your contractor know at the outset of the project so they can plan accordingly.


The fun part of meeting with your plumbing contractor is picking out your fixtures, like faucets, shower surrounds, and toilets. Your contractor can help you find the best designs for your budget and space. Further, the earlier you pick out your fixtures the easier it is for your contractor to plan and design your line and pipe needs.

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