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Is Your Plumbing Ready For A Party?

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Having a party in your home or business requires a lot of prep work. You need to decorate, organize, and gather supplies, like food, drinks, and even flatware. But if that's all you're taking into consideration when you're preparing for a party, you could be in for an unwanted surprise.

One of the things that party preppers often don't think about until it's too late is the condition of their venue's plumbing. This can potentially create a seriously unwanted surprise while you're hosting your party, which could create quite a mess, a health hazard, or even end the party early depending on how many facilities you have available for your guests. If you haven't considered your plumbing before holding a party, here's why you should change that.

Clogs Lying in Wait

Clogs in plumbing always seem to come on suddenly, but that doesn't mean that they develop overnight. The reality is, most clogs start to develop slowly, usually with residue forming on the walls of the pipes. As this residue thickens, it can start to cause solid waste to stick to the walls, like shreds of toilet paper, or bits of hair in a sink's drain.

In this instance, every time someone uses the toilet or a sink, it increases the amount of waste that's remaining in the pipe. This process will continue until a clog develops.

The problem here is that you could have a clog already brewing without knowing it. Then, add a considerable number of people to your venue all using the facilities, and this process can speed up considerably. As a result, what might seem like a perfectly functioning plumbing system right now could easily become one that isn't functional in no time.

Unfamiliar Users

Anyone who has used a toilet on a regular basis becomes aware of the toilet's particular eccentricities. Chances are, you know exactly how much you can put in your toilet at home before it won't flush, and what materials may not be able to go in the toilet even though they're supposed to be safe for plumbing, like tampons and sanitary wipes. However, your guests likely won't know anything about this, unless they've been to your home or business on a very regular basis.

As a result, even if your plumbing is in decent shape before you have a party, it may not hold up that way after a few people overwork your toilet. This can speed up blockages. 

The best thing you can do in this scenario is to contact a plumber before you hold your party to completely flush your pipes and ensure that there are no developing blockages. Don't let yourself waste your party time in the bathroom fighting clogs. Contact a plumber, such as Complete Plumbing, for help now and rest easy during your festivities.