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Urinals In Commercial Buildings Run Into Plumbing Problems

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For many businesses, plumbing is a common issue. With so many people using the bathrooms at your business, you may find yourself with frequent plumbing issues.

Among those issues, you may find that urinals have specific issues not as common with other plumbing fixtures. If you have urinal issues, this could be why.

Calcium Buildup

Urinals will not discharge all the water when the flush button is pressed if calcium has built up. In fact, minerals can actually reduce the diameter of piping in your business's plumbing. This causes water to back up.

The good news is that licensed plumbing professionals can scrape pipes with special blades. Vinegar and other resources can also dissolve minerals.

Clogged Drain Holes

The drain holes of the urinal can be clogged for a number of reasons. Debris can sneak into those holes, causing water to back up. You may have tried to plunge the urinal, but it might not work. You may need a plumber to unclog the holes.

Too Much Water Flow

Do you ever experience too much water flow entering the urinal? You may need to adjust the water intake pressure. This pressure can be adjusted to help you control how much water and water pressure enters the urinal. If you are unable to work this knob to regulate water flow, you may need to consult with a commercial plumber who has worked with urinals before.

Strange Noises

Does your urinal ever make strange sounds when it's flushed? It is a good idea to check into this. Older pipes can make a lot of strange sounds, and you might notice this noise worsening as your urinal gets more use. Frequent flushing can make these older pipes more worn, which is difficult to deal with when you run a business and need to have your bathrooms available.

Not Flushing

If a urinal fails to flush at all, the issue could be with the water line itself. If the water flow is meant to be on, this could indicate the main line water break. Even if other plumbing fixtures in your building are working, the urinal's plumbing could be solely affected.

Contact a Plumber

If you believe that your urinals are experiencing problems too frequently, it may be time to consult with a plumber. A plumbing professional can help you manage all types of plumbing issues, including those you have with your commercial bathrooms. Call a professional today, such as Iron Horse Mechanical And Plumbing Services LLC, to come in and look at your business's urinals.