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The Benefits Of A Sewer Camera Inspection

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Why does your home need a sewer camera inspection? Take a look at the top benefits of this professional plumbing service.

Less Mess

One clogged drain may not indicate a major plumbing issue. Even though it's best to hire a professional who can address this issue, it's not likely the plumber will recommend a full camera inspection. But if your home has multiple clogged drains, backups, sewage gas smells, or water that seems to flow from one fixture into another (such as down the shower drain and up the bathroom sink), your system needs an inspection.

While the plumber could start with a snake or take apart your home's plumbing, a camera inspection is a lower mess alternative. This type of inspection goes deep into your home's plumbing system — and underneath your home. It's not easy to get to these pipes. Without the benefit of a specialized camera/cable system, the plumber might even need to dig your yard up or break through walls or floors.

Plenty of Prevention

The sooner you detect a clog, the better. Left untreated, a clog can cause serious plumbing backups. Water and sewage can back up into individual fixtures, flooding kitchens or bathrooms. A clogged sewer or main drain can also back up into your basement. This can result in a buildup or flood of contaminated, microorganism-filled, dirty water.

You can wait until your drains start to slow to schedule a camera inspection — or you can select this service as a routine maintenance option. Talk to a plumber about a reasonable schedule that meets your home's needs. If your pipes clog often, your home is older, or you have trees close to the main drain pipe in your yard, you may need an inspection service more often.

A preventative inspection gives the plumber time to find problems as they build — before a clog goes from minor to major. This can save you time, energy, and money in expensive future repairs.

Increased Home Value

Do you plan on listing your home for sale soon? Is your plumbing system in top working order? If you're not sure, the sinks drain slowly, or you haven't had a professional plumbing inspection in years (or at all), you may want to schedule an inspection before your house hits the market.

While you will have to disclose any issues the plumber finds (depending on your state's real estate regulations), the results give you time to make repairs. This can add value to your home and increases marketability.

To learn more, contact a sewer camera inspection service.