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Seven Possible Reasons Why The Pipes In Your Plumbing System Need Repairs

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Pipe damage is one of the most common reasons why a home would be in need of plumbing repairs. Damaged pipes can cause leaks in a home that can lead to costly water damage issues. 

If you need to have plumbing repairs done because of issues with broken pipes, you may be wondering how your pipes were damaged. This may help you to prevent future plumbing repair needs due to damaged pipes.

The following are seven possible reasons why the pipes in your plumbing system need repairs. 

A blockage has accumulated in your pipes.

Your pipes might be damaged because a blockage has built up inside them that led to a great deal of pressure. This can eventually lead to leaks or ruptures within the pipe. 

One reason a blockage in your pipes may have developed is because you're putting things down your drains and toilets that you shouldn't. Make sure you're not putting trash or hair down your drains or toilets. Otherwise, you may experience more pipe issues again in the near future. 

Your pipes are old and worn out.

If you're in need of repair on your pipes, the problem could be that your pipes are simply too old. Consider the age of your house. Those who live in older homes may need to have their pipes replaced if they frequently need repairs due to broken pipes. 

There are tree roots growing through your pipes.

Tree roots can cause a lot of pipe damage. Tree roots tend to be attracted to pipes because of the moisture and nutrients flowing through them.

Certain root killer chemicals can be used to address the problem of tree roots in pipes. Another possible solution is installing some sort of physical barrier between roots and plumbing pipes. 

Your pipes have become frozen.

It's essential that you don't let your pipes become frozen no matter how cold it gets in your area. When the contents of your pipes freeze, the pipes are likely to burst as the contents expand. You can prevent frozen pipes by insulating them.

Corrosion has developed in your pipes.

Pipes can develop leaks because they become corroded. Extensive corrosion can lead to small holes in the pipe that allow water to leak out. If your pipes are made from steel, they are especially likely to develop corrosion issues over time.

It's best to opt for plastic or copper pipes to minimize the chances that you will need plumbing repair due to corroded pipes. 

Your water pressure is too high.

High water pressure can put a lot of stress on pipes. Eventually, water pressure issues can cause them to burst. You need to pay attention to the water pressure in your plumbing system and make sure it doesn't get high enough to damage your pipes. 

The soil around your pipes has shifted due to ground pressures.

The soil in the ground around pipes can naturally shift over time. This can put stress on pipes that can cause them to break. Unfortunately, it's difficult to prevent this type of pipe damage.

The best way to prevent pipe damage due to shifting soil is to make sure that soil is distributed properly when the pipes are first installed. Contact a plumbing repair service for more information.