Avoiding Plumbing Problems

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Get to the "Root" of Your Plumbing Problem

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When most homeowners think about their plumbing system, they think about the fixtures and pipes located inside their homes. The fact of the matter is that there outdoor components that play a central role in determining how well your home's plumbing system functions over time.

The main drain pipe, which is responsible for funneling anything put down the drains in your home to a municipal sewer system, is typically located underneath your home's landscaping. This location keeps the main drain pipe hidden, but it also puts the pipe near the foliage found in your yard.

Tree roots can cause major problems for your plumbing. Get to the "root" of your plumbing problems by learning how to prevent tree roots from causing permanent damage to your main drain line in the future.

Schedule a Sewer Cleaning

Routine sewer cleanings are the best way to help mitigate root problems in your main drain line. Experienced plumbers utilize a specialized piece of equipment to clean out all your pipes and drains during a sewer cleaning. This tool looks like a long spinning cable with sharp blades on the tip.

As the cable is run through your pipes, it macerates anything in its path. Once the cable makes its way into your main drain pipe, tree roots that have infiltrated the main drain pipe can be sliced through and pulverized until they are small enough to flow into the municipal sewer system and away from your home's plumbing.

You should establish a regular sewer cleaning schedule with your plumber since tree roots can continue to grow and interfere with your main drain line. Cleaning the pipes regularly will minimize damage and prevent tree roots from blocking the flow of water through your main drain line.

Use a Root Killer

Another way to approach root problems in your home's plumbing system is to utilize a root-killing solution in your main drain pipe. Root-killing solutions are designed to kill off any tree or shrub roots they come into contact with.

Only licensed and experienced plumbers should use root killers to help manage root growth. Plumbers have access to root-killing solutions that are safe for the environment, won't damage your plumbing equipment, and are legal to use in your area. Root-killing solutions are very easy to administer. The liquid solution is simply poured into a toilet in your home, then flushed away and into the main drain pipe.

Any tree roots present inside the main drain pipe will soak up the solution along with any water and eventually, these roots will die off. The result is that the main drain pipe is free and clear of obstructions.

Invest in a Camera Inspection

Sometimes a camera inspection is needed to identify tree roots in a main drain pipe. Plumbers can use specialized fiber optic cameras to inspect the interior surfaces of your pipe. This inspection will reveal any significant damage caused by tree roots infiltrating your pipe.

The location of the damage can be identified, eliminating the need to excavate the entire length of the main drain line. You will be able to single out the trees or shrubs that negatively impact your plumbing system after a camera inspection. These problematic plants can be removed to prevent any additional root damage in the future.

Tree roots are to blame for many of the plumbing issues experienced by homeowners today. Roots infiltrate the main drain line in search of water and nutrients. Eventually, these roots can block the flow of water through the drain line, causing serious plumbing problems.

Work with your plumber to get to the "root" of your plumbing issues and maintain your main drain pipe over time.