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Upgrading Your Home's Water Heating System

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Upgrading the water heater that supplies your plumbing with warm water can be a project that you may not feel prepared to undertake. Yet, there are several steps that can reduce the uncertainty that you may feel as you undertake this large improvement to the home's plumbing system.

Have Any Water Damage From The Previous System Repaired

Depending on the reason that you are replacing the water heater, there may be substantial amounts of water damage where it was located. For example, a system that was leaking may have caused the floors to rot or mold to start growing in the area. Prior to the installation of the new water heater, any moisture damage should be repaired so it will not interfere with the performance of the new water heater or allow the damage to continue to worsen.

Consider Whether Your Family May Grow In The Future

During the course of choosing a new water heater, you will have to determine the capacity of the system that you are needing. If you are expecting your family to grow in the future, choosing a water heater that has a much higher capacity can help to ensure that your new water heater is able to keep up with the growing demand from your family well into the future. This can save you from the need to invest in upgrading this unit again in the near future.

Be Mindful Of The Benefits Of Choosing An Electric Water Heater

Even if your home has a gas connection, you may find that an electric water heater can be the more efficient and easier option to utilize. This is due to the fact that the electric system will require less maintenance to keep it running. Gas water heaters will need to have their burners serviced regularly if they are to avoid clogs that could deprive the burner of the fuel or air that it needs to ignite the gas. Additionally, electric water heaters can be more efficient, as a larger portion of the heat that they produce will warm the water rather than being lost.

Your choice of a new water heater can be a decision that has impacts on the quality of life in the home for many years to come. Making sure that any of the water damage from the previous system is repaired, choosing a water heater that can accommodate a growing family, and being aware of the inherent benefits that can come from electric water heater systems will help to give you the tools that you need to choose an efficient solution for your plumbing system. For more information about water heater installation, contact a local plumber.