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Plumber's Tape Properties and Usage Guidelines

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The use of plumber's tape ensures that threaded pipe endings are sealed properly. Your plumber may use plumber's tape when installing or repairing plumbing materials in your home.  

Properties of Plumber's Tape

Plumber's tape keeps plumbing lines secure. It prevents leakage along pipe sections that are adjoined together. PTFE tape is used in the plumbing industry. This type of tape repels water and has a very low friction rating.

Plumber's tape is color-coded. The color coding indicates the applications that a specific plumbing tape product is suited for. Plumber's tape products come in several thicknesses. Plumber's tape can be used in place of a joint compound. Tape is less messy to use, plus may provide a stronger seal than an inferior joint compound product.

Plumber's tape is used to seal pipe endings that comprise residential or commercial plumbing systems.

Plumbing Essentials

A plumber will determine the pipe widths and lengths that need to be connected. During this process, they will pinpoint which applications will require the use of plumber's tape.

Most licensed plumbers have plenty of tape products on hand that they can use during residential and commercial installations and basic repair services. The material that pipes are constructed of will influence the type of plumber's tape that will be used during a plumbing upgrade or repair process. 

The Application

A plumber will clean the endings of the plumbing materials first. This will ensure that no loose debris will hinder the manner in which the tape application is conducted. The direction in which the fittings are connected will indicate the direction in which the tape will be wrapped.

A plumber will grasp the end of the tape and secure it along the edges of the two plumbing pieces that are being attached. They will wrap the tape securely around the fittings. Several layers of plumber's tape will be wrapped around the plumbing materials. 

Inspections And Repairs

As long as plumber's tape has been installed properly, it will continue to hold up. Older pipes that were not properly wrapped may require another tape application in the future. A property owner should have their plumbing inspected if they notice that water is dripping from the pipe sections that are attached together.

If too much stress is placed on plumbing materials, a leak can become more prominent. If a plumber determines that the plumber's tape is damaged or worn out, they will replace it with a new tape product.

For more information about this tape, contact a local plumber