Avoiding Plumbing Problems

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3 Everyday Household Habits You Need To Nip To Avoid The Plumber

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There’s nothing at all wrong with your local plumber. In fact, this person is a great person to have access to when you are in a pinch. However, if you are like most homeowners, you will want to avoid having this professional in your home any more than necessary simply because when there’s a plumber around, it means costs for repairs. If you really want to keep the need for plumbing repairs from happening, you should probably take a look at some of the habits you have in your home. Read More»

Three Ways To Save Energy When It Comes To Water Heaters

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If your water heater is older, purchasing a newer, energy-efficient model can help you to save on the energy usage and costs associated with water heaters. However, the cost of buying a new water heater is not cheap and yours may still have a few good years left in it. Here are a few different ways you can save energy when it comes to your water heater.  Turn Down the Thermostat on Your Water Heater Read More»

Does Your Toilet Have Trouble Handling Your Toddler's Bms? What Can You Do?

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If you’ve found yourself stymied by toddler waste that can’t be flushed, you may wonder whether you have any options (short of a higher-fiber diet) to reduce the amount of toilet plunging you need to do. While you may wonder whether your toddler’s digestive habits are cause for concern, these disproportionately large bowel movements can actually be a sign of a healthy child; unfortunately, they’re not so good for your toilet and plumbing. Read More»

Fixes To 3 Common Plumbing Problems

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Homeowners will eventually run into their fair share of plumbing related problems in their home. Thankfully, some of these problems can be fixed on your own without the need of professional help. Here are 3 plumbing problems that have a simple solution. Clogged Toilets Have you already tried using your plunger to unclog your toilet, but have not had any luck? Try using the plunger again with a better understanding of how it works. Read More»

Two Ways To Unclog Your Toilet

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No matter how good your plumbing is, at some point, you are going to end up with a clogged toilet. It’s just one of those facts of life. Not only will it get clogged, but it will probably happen at 11 pm on a Saturday night. That means that you may want to try to handle it on your own first before you have to call a plumber to come fix the issue. Read More»