Avoiding Plumbing Problems

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Why Are The Pipes In Your Basement Blue-Gray In Color?

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You’ve seen plenty of white PVC pipes before, but the gray-blue ones in your basement are a new encounter. And sadly, finding gray-blue pipes in your basement is not a good thing. If you’re sure the pipes are actually blue plastic, and not just metal or white PVC pipes that have been painted, then the pipes are probably made from polybutylene, a plumbing material that is known to cause some pretty big issues. Read More»

With A Water Leak, Your Actions Are Critical

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A water leak is a big deal, even if it’s a small leak. Even a small amount of water can damage your walls, floors, and other surfaces, which could lead to substantial repair costs. At the first sign of a leak, it’s critical that all homeowners know what to do in this instance. Since it’s always best to prepare for the storm on a sunny day, learn what you should do in the event you spot a leak in your home, now. Read More»

Four Signs You Need To Replace A Toilet

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Your toilet is the fixture within your bathroom that sees the largest amount of use each and every day. Over time, this constant use can cause your toilet to begin to break down and degrade, which can open your bathroom up to a number of potential issues, including water damage and expensive repairs. Understanding what some of the more common signs of a worn out toilet are can help you figure out when you should call for residential plumbing services to replace your current model with a new unit. Read More»

Don't Just Shut It Off: Why Your AC Needs A Cold-Weather Service Call

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Summer may be over, but now’s the perfect time to get your air conditioner ready for next year. You could just shut your air conditioner down for the winter and not worry about it until spring, but that’s not necessarily the best option, especially if you want to avoid problems. Here are four reasons why fall and winter are the perfect time to take care of your air conditioner needs. Read More»

Why Portable Toilets Are A Must-Have At Every Outdoor Party

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Are you planning on having a large outdoor party at your residence? If so, then you might want to go ahead and add portable toilets to the list of things that you need to get. These outdoor toilets are great for parties of all sizes, but they especially become important when it is a large party because of the number of people that will have to use the facilities. To help you understand why renting some of these is a much better idea than just letting everyone use the bathrooms inside of your home, you will want to keep reading. Read More»