Avoiding Plumbing Problems

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Water Main Line: Repair Or Replace?

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You depend on your water main line to service your home with plenty of water so it can be a disaster if it springs a leak. Sometimes a main line can be repaired, but in other instances a replacement is a better option. Learn how to decide which is the best choice for your waterline. Line Material The main concern with a waterline, especially in an older home, is what the line is made out of. Read More»

Five Tips For Maintaining Your Well Pump

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You depend on your water well to supply drinking water as well as water for all of your household needs, but the well is only as useful as the well pump. There are a few things you can do to help prolong the life of the pump. 1. Schedule Annual Inspections Your well pump will need to be maintained annually. A basic inspection will verify that all the moving parts are in good working order. Read More»

Plumbing Considerations For Your Home Build

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If you are building your dream home, you know that you will need to work with many different contractors. One of those contractors will be a plumbing construction service. Generally, you will meet with the plumbing contractor early in the build process, since much of the early installation and design work for your plumbing must occur at the same time as the foundation and wall construction. The following are the aspects you will need to work out with the plumber. Read More»

Five Reasons For A Leaky Faucet

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A dripping faucet is an annoying reminder that you are literally pouring money down the drain. Fortunately, the cause of most faucet leaks are easy to identify and simple to repair. The following are some of the most common reasons why a faucet could be leaking. 1. O-Ring O-rings are a common issue in cartridge faucets – those faucets with a single lever that controls both hot and cold water. The o-ring forms the seal at the base of the lever handle so that water doesn’t leak out when the tap is open. Read More»

Leaking Kitchen Sink: Can You Find And Fix The Cause Of It?

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If puddles of water form beneath or around your kitchen sink cabinet every time you wash dishes, you could have some type of problem with your plumbing. Sink pipes can leak for a number of reasons, including loose connections and holes. If you don’t find and fix the source behind the leak today, it could be worse for you tomorrow. Do the following things to find and fix the cause of your leaking kitchen sink. Read More»