Avoiding Plumbing Problems

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Fixing A Lack Of Hot Water Supply In Your Apartment Building

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If you own an apartment building, then you may be used to dealing with a wide range of complaints. If your most recent complaint involves the lack of hot water, then you want to work with a plumber who can complete a commercial water heater repair. Keep reading to find out what may happen when a lack of hot water is a concern. Dip Tube Replacements Water heaters for commercial use in apartment buildings are typically made up of a series of residential water heaters that are connected parallel to one another. Read More»

What's Causing Your Drain To Smell, And What Can Be Done About It?

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From time to time, most people notice nasty odors coming from one of their drains. This can be quite annoying. Nobody wants to smell sewage or mold while they brush their teeth or wash their hands! You may wonder what is causing the sewage odor, and here’s the short answer: it could be a number of things. For the longer answer and a look at each of the possibilities, keep reading. Read More»

Standing Water And Your AC: What You Need To Know

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Your home’s air conditioner doubles as a dehumidifier. It pulls excess moisture from the air, which is then routed through the system and out of the condensate drain. When everything is working properly, this excess moisture should drain away outdoors and pose no issues. If you find water indoors, such as damp carpet or wet wallboards near the location of the external unit, then you may have a problem. Standing water around your external AC unit is also a sign of problems. Read More»

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Hot Water Heater

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All too often, a water heater fails when you least expect it. Unfortunately, this can lead to a quick replacement purchase and investment. Know the most common costly mistakes you can make when replacing your water heater so you can avoid them. 1. Size Does Matter One way some homeowners try to save money is by purchasing a smaller unit than the size that they need, simply because the unit costs less. Read More»

3 Residential Complications That Should Be Addressed By Heating Contractors

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You use your furnace a lot when it gets cold outside. Unfortunately, this appliance will not always work great. If you run into the following issues at any point, then make sure you quickly hire a heating contractor. They can help you troubleshoot these issues safely and effectively. Frequent Cycling When your furnace keeps turning on and off, that’s not good because it can drive up your energy bills and also wear down components. Read More»